Thanks for taking the time for checking out this site! And if you stumbled across this corner of the interwebs on accident maybe click on one of the songs listed above where it says, well you get the idea…

Dan_Cowboy_Hat300Anywho, enough about me. Wait, actually more about me! I’ve been writing and recording songs going all the way back to high school and have never really stopped. In 2001 I formed the band Decent Exposure which toured in Northern New York before various band member relocations led to the band’s demise. A few years later I joined a “Klezmer Gypsy-Punk” band called The Shpiel which blended heavy guitar riffs with Accordion (really!). A few years after that I formed the band Sundog (later renamed Ten Speed Taxi) with a couple of friends and released two albums. Currently, when I’m not wearing black T-shirts and cowboy hats and posing in front of strange wall art I’m working on smaller projects with an activist bent. My most recent project has me recording a few songs with my good friend Steve Sobiech who runs Wisconsin Cheese Studios in my home town, Bloomington, Indiana (when he’s not writing for the hit facebook weekly publication – Catch Phrase Friday).

This most recent crop of songs all have a social justice theme to them. I was inspired to write Roll Down Like Water after learning about the brutal occupation of the Palestinian people from my Dad, who recently became a board member of the Indiana Center for Middle East Peace and a passionate activist for Palestinian human rights. Underdog was written with the biblical themes of God’s concern for poor and marginalized people. Land of More was originally inspired by the events leading up to the 2008 housing market crash and is a general critique and confession of consumerism (which I am certainly guilty of). My hope is to continue writing songs about issues that I care about.

I also really enjoy writing silly songs that have no real “message” at all. I’ve written songs about body oder, campfire ghost songs, songs that gently poke fun at my good friends, and so on. I even wrote an entire album about the Human Body! Sometimes my musician friends and I will issue song challenges about all sorts of ridiculous topics. Maybe some of those songs will find their way into the studio and on to this website.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to visit this site!